SchoolPix is Melbourne’s leading school photography company, delivering outstanding photography services and quality photos to a vast range of schools & organisations throughout metro Melbourne and some areas of regional Victoria.

With over 30 years of experience, and a dedication to being the best, our clients are always happy with the memories we provide!

SchoolPix is a well-respected company that offers flexible hours, a comfortable working environment where the team is trusted and respected, and where everyone cares about putting the customer first. We do a great job, and we have lots of fun too!

We focus on ensuring our staff receive reward and recognition for their commitment to the business, with a range of initiatives such as our peer nominated monthly and yearly STAR awards, and our newly introduced ‘Future Leaders’ program. We also enjoy our end of term one Pancake Day – a chance for all staff to celebrate the success of term 1, and as a way for the business owners to thank all of the valued staff that work so hard every year, especially in term one.

We are absolutely 100% customer focused! To ensure our excellent reputation and work standard continues we are always looking to attract, train, develop & retain great people!

Opportunities At SchoolPix

Opportunities can arise in all areas of our business including photography, production, sales & administration.

If you think you have the skills we require AND you think you would be a fabulous addition to our excellent team and would contribute in a positive way to our culture, then please look at our current vacancies and apply today!

Please note – we encourage potential photographers to contact us at any time by forwarding us a letter of interest and a current CV. As a photography business we are always on the lookout for talented people in this area!

Current Vacancies

  • We’re sorry, we have no vacancies at the moment. We are always interested in hearing from experienced photographers, so if that’s you, please email your interest here and we’ll let you know if a vacancy pops up. 
  • Email your Resume to

Staff Profiles

  • Lynn Rennie

    Hello my name is Lynn. I have been with SchoolPix for 13+ years.

    I started my SchoolPix life as a casual employee processing orders at schools on photography day. I had been self-employed for almost 20 years so it was a whole new world for me. I thoroughly enjoyed my time out at the schools as photography day can be fast and furious but lots of fun too. I did a couple of seasons in that role before moving to the Sales Department. I was the only person in the sales “team” which was rather daunting as I had never held a role like that before. It was during this time that SchoolPix and the photography industry went digital! Wow what a ride that was.

    After a few years as the Sales Manager I gradually became involved in other areas of the business including marketing, booking photography jobs and the most important job – wages. By that time we had employed other sales staff so I was able to concentrate on all my other jobs, changing my role to Operations Manager.

    Last year I was honoured to be offered the role of General Manager which I was proud to accept. It has been an enjoyable journey being involved in the success of this once small family business. I have seen many changes over the years and many employees like myself being given the opportunity to reach our full potential. I believe many more opportunities will be offered as we continue with our future plans.

    SchoolPix has grown to become a leader of innovation in our industry and a workplace where people are friendly and enjoy their job. A place I am very proud to be part of.
  • Natalie Sargeant

    My name is Natalie and this is my 13th year of working at SchoolPix.

    I began working in the data department and then I worked as a money counter. In my 4th year I was trained to become a photographer and I am now the Assistant Photography Manager.

    The thing I love most about my job is that every day is different. We go out to a different school or kinder daily in areas all over Melbourne. Each day has its challenges that keeps us on our toes, but for the most part, we are interacting & having fun with kids of all ages all while taking photos.

    My proudest moment at SchoolPix was in 2010 when I was awarded the SchoolPix “Star of the Year.”

    I can honestly say I've grown up in the company as I had only just turned 18 when I started. I never would have imagined back then, that 10 years down the track I would still be working here and that my role would have progressed as it has. I have made some amazing friends with my colleagues over the years and really see my work mates as my 'other family.'

    I think I'm pretty lucky to have worked for such a fantastic company for so many years. There's always a lot of laughs and I love that I have a rewarding job that I really enjoy.
  • Shannon Nutt

    Hi, I'm Shannon. I've been with SchoolPix since May 2011, when I came in to do a few weeks of Photoshopping but enjoyed it so much that I thought it would be nice to stick around! I'm employed as a Graphic Designer in the Lab Team which means I have a very varied job. I'm involved in the whole process of working on and printing the photographs, including colour correction, preparing the work for print, and printing the products. Along with our Senior Designer, I'm also involved in the design and development of our products.

    These days I'm the primary operator of our HP Indigo Digital Press, which prints most of our products. It utilises very modern printing technology and it’s exciting to see the new technology advances that improve our industry and the products we can provide.

    The best things about SchoolPix are the friendly atmosphere and the sense of reward that I get for my hard work. Staff here are really encouraged to use our initiative to solve problems and come up with new ideas that can benefit the business and our customers. We get pretty busy at times but everyone stays positive and motivated to do the best job possible.

    It's been really exciting working with the Indigo Press, having had some very basic printing knowledge and having the opportunity to learn so much more all the time. It really is the future of our industry. I’m looking forward to becoming more involved in the company's creative and technical decision-making as I bring more knowledge and expertise to my role.
  • Jayde Keith

    My name is Jayde. I’ve been working at SchoolPix for 2 and ½ years. I started as a casual in the packing department, moved to 2IC and I'm now Team Leader which I think is a great achievement in such a great company. I love how my manager saw that I had a lot to offer and that I have been recognised for it and rewarded with an excellent role.

    I love working at SchoolPix. It is a lovely family owned business which just keeps growing and growing, everyone is wonderful to work with and you feel very appreciated, and you get to put forward your ideas. Just a few months ago I won Star of the Month for Loyalty to the Job and Business which is one of our core values. I was shocked and chuffed at the same time for the acknowledgement of my idea. I can’t see myself ever wanting to work anywhere else.
  • Pam Aitken

    My name is Pam and I have been working at SchoolPix for over 3 years. My position is Administration Assistant and I work in the reception area. My main role is Customer Service where I help and assist customers with queries over the phone regarding their orders for school or kinder photography.

    I really enjoy working at SchoolPix, everyone is very helpful and easy to get along with. My position as Administration Assistant enables me to deal with all departments so I get to work with everyone, which is great.

    My previous employment was with a large corporate company and now working for a family owned business, the atmosphere is so much more pleasant and friendly. One of my favourite times so far is the last day of Term 1 when the owners supply a free lunch of pancakes on our annual pancake day.

    As I am approaching the last stage of my working life, I hope I will finish my working career at SchoolPix, which hopefully, will not be for quite some time.