Printing Services

SchoolPix offers a wide range of services to school photographers, schools and professional photographers.

Services we provide for Photographers:

  • Photographic Prints from Timestone TNJ files.
  • General Photographic Prints (jpg, psd, and tif files accepted)
  • Posters and Acrylic Frames
  • Library/ID Card Printing
  • Digital Manipulation of Groups and Portraits
  • RAW File Conversion
  • Printing of CMYK products using the latest in printing technology

You Benefit From Our Experience

SchoolPix is not only a market leader in school photography services. We are also a complete digital processing lab with a proven track record in digital print processing. With over 40 years of photographic experience, we strive to provide our clients with the highest quality professional service and images, in the fastest possible time, at affordable prices. Contact us for a quote. 

ID Card Printing

We are able to design and print a variety of card types including:

  • HICO mag-strip encoding
  • Code 39 and Code 128 Barcodes
  • Cards with signature panel
  • Self adhesive ID cards