About Us

Innovation and Excellent Service

SchoolPix is a market leader in innovative, high-quality school and preschool photography services.  We offer a unique and proven ability to capture images that reflect each child’s personality to create a meaningful memento of their school and preschool years.

From the selection and maintenance of the right cameras to the installation of the most advanced photographic processing systems, SchoolPix applies strict performance standards to ensure that our clients enjoy the best results possible. We continue to look for innovative ways to enhance the value of our service.

Company History

For more than 35 years, SchoolPix has been capturing precious memories of children at schools and preschools throughout Victoria. SchoolPix is a market leader in innovative, high quality school photography services, with a unique and proven ability to capture images that are powerful and evocative.

The driving force behind SchoolPix is Tony Wouters, who brings over 40 years of experience as a specialist school photographer to the firm.

Together with his wife Mandy, Tony has developed and applied systems and processes to provide parents with the highest quality professional service and images, in the fastest possible time, at affordable prices.

Tony and Mandy Wouters

SchoolPix is a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers.