Preschool Packs

Our play-based photography style focuses on candid photos that are natural and relaxed. SchoolPix takes several photographs of each child, ideally inside and outside, wherever they enjoy playing. This photography style brings out the best in each child so we can capture their personalities giving parents the opportunity to purchase precious memories of their child’s preschool year that can be enjoyed forever.

Proof Viewing Orders

When Early Bird orders close (around 3 days after the last photography session) ordering moves to a “Registration” stage while the images are uploaded internally.  Orders can’t be placed at this point but families can register to be notified when their child’s images are ready to view in their gallery.

Once they are uploaded ordering moves to the “Proof Viewing” stage which is when you can view your child’s photos before you order and select the photos you like the most!  You can build your own package, selecting from a variety of different print layouts, digital files, a Memory Book and more.

Benefits of ordering after photography day:
– Your child’s photos are available to view before ordering.
– All photos taken of your child will be available in a secure personal gallery so you can pick your favourite images before ordering.
– If desired your personal gallery can be shared with family and friends, so they can purchase their own photos. You can do this by sharing your personal code with them. This is particularly useful for loved ones interstate and overseas.
– FREE delivery to your nominated address within a set 14-day period, the exact date is displayed in your gallery.

Once the free post-to-home period expires you can still order at any time.  The package prices remain the same but a $8.50 postage and handling fee applies.