Preschool Photography

As a proud family owned Victorian company, SchoolPix has been serving the families of local preschool communities for nearly 40 years.

At SchoolPix we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology which allows us to produce an innovative range of products in our local Melbourne premises.  Parents can purchase our unique personalised memory book, download high-resolution images as well as order from our wide range of traditional print options.

Our range of products is equally suited as either family mementos or as wonderful gifts for family and friends.

Book with SchoolPix and you will receive:

  • High-quality products and fast turnaround
  • Up to 10% commission on sales (conditions apply)
  • Your choice of four booking bonuses each year – one for each child
  • A complimentary staff pack of your group and individual portrait

How do parents order?

Our Pre-View system gives parents the choice!  Plus we only print what’s ordered so there’s zero waste!

Our Pre-ordering allows parents to place an Early Bird order before photography day with SchoolPix selecting the 6 best photos for them. All they have to do is select the package or product they want to order – easy!  We also offer a FREE collage with online orders over $70 and FREE digital portraits with any pack ordered online. Families can order using our secure online ordering system paying via PayPal or credit card.

Of course, we offer a service guarantee.

If they prefer to wait until after photography is completed they can View the photos in their personal gallery allowing them to select their favourites before deciding to purchase.  Everything is completed online so that means there’s no cash to handle and we only print what’s ordered so there’s zero waste!

If families don’t place an Early Bird order before the due date they can view their child’s photos once their online gallery is ready. No one misses out!

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