Preschool Photography

As a proud family owned Victorian company, SchoolPix has been serving the families of local preschool communities for over 30 years.

At SchoolPix we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology which allows us to produce an innovative range of products in our local Melbourne premises.  Parents can purchase our unique personalised memory book, download high resolution images as well as order from our wide range of traditional print options.

Our range of products is equally suited as either family mementos or as wonderful gifts for family and friends.

Book with SchoolPix and you will receive:

  • High quality products and fast turnaround
  • 10% commission on sales
  • A complimentary (50cm x75cm) composite poster with images of all the children in your preschool presented in an acrylic frame
  • A complimentary staff pack of your group and individual portrait

How do parents order?

We have two types of payment systems, Approval and Prepaid.  The preschool is given the choice of which system to use, both have their advantages.

The Approval system is the most popular as families get to see the images before they buy.  Each family receives a ‘Take Home Pack’ consisting of a Kinder Pack, a Storyboard (unframed) and one Memory Book for their approval and purchase.

They can either keep all of it, or simply return the items they don’t want, paying only for those that they do keep.

The Prepaid system means that families place their order before photography day either by returning the order form to the preschool or by placing an order using our secure online ordering system.  We of course offer a service guarantee.