School Photography

SchoolPix is one of Australia’s most experienced school photography specialists. With more than 40 years in the industry, SchoolPix has captured the images of more than one million school children!

SchoolPix not only take photos, we are experts at capturing the essence of a child. You can arrange for one of our team to visit you to discuss what you want to achieve for your next school photography session. Explore our range of innovative packages to ensure your next school photo shoot provides superior results and treasured memories for your families.

Schools can select between a formal or informal style of group photography.  Our traditional group photographs are taken with students on stands or you can select an informal style not using stands.   We also offer either indoor or outdoor group locations.  We prefer to photograph outdoors if the grounds and weather are suitable.

Other Products & Services:

  • Digital design
  • Digital manipulation of groups
  • Quality portraits at a competitive price
  • Sibling/family photographs
  • Communion & confirmation photographs
  • Library/ID cards
  • School Report Cover Sheets